Kim So Jung

Nato a Seoul (S.Korea)
Età 25/35
Altezza 163
Occhi Marroni
Capelli Castano scuri
Taglia 38

Su di me 

My name is Sojung Kim(1993/163cm/47kg) from Seoul, South Korea. With a rich background of playing various characters in independent films, I have also been participating in commercial films and television series. I am taking on the challenge to play different roles having developed lots of experiences in short feature films and various synopses. A sharp look and long hair, oriental-calm beauty and that of western also; dream-like and seductive, yet a bright image are all nothing short of my description. Together they enable me to play and express various characters.

As a professional model, I have been in charge of fitting clothes, accessories and heels. Indoor shooting is the best way to focus on the facial expression as model. On the other hand, when it comes to outdoor shooting, I usually pay attention to the background and showing how the clothes fit on the model. Both bust-shots and full-shots are the greatest way to deliver the messages to the audience.
My strength is definitely my self-management. I have dreamt of becoming a professional model who can perfectly display, show and promote commercial brand products with a professional attitude.
Even though it may seem like I do not satisfy the common height requirements for runway compared to other high-fashion models, I have my own weapons as a prospective model. I enjoy doing Yoga, Pilates and Vinyasa from which I benefit to maintain my body beautifully slim and healthy. Not only do I have a certification for Yoga to teach therapy, but I also studied anatomy to deeply understand the structure of the human body. I teach Yoga classes composed of over 20 people since 2015 and have gained tremendously valuable experiences.

Esperienze cinema

  • Hyang(The Scent) ( October 2013) -“The Scent”, one of the films I have starred was about a girl who got betrayed by her lover and lost heart. I tried to present her feelings to the audience
    is a film in which I played a girl that was betrayed by her boyfriend and is determined for revenge.
    The character is a female protagonist that gives a soft and calm ambience, and hidden behind is a cold-hearted, and determination for revenge and an sociopathic behavior.
    To express her cold-heartedness hidden by her warm attitude, I used soft diction followed by a cool-headed, killer eye look
  • (2) Golmok-wang(Street Youngster) ( June 2013) – is a film about immature and troubled high school kids who cause many incidents. It is a 40-minute short feature film.I played one of the misbehaved high school students, and to convincingly express her character, I wore short skirts, dyed hair red, and held cigarettes to give an impact.The character undergoes puberty and a phase of remedy, reflecting upon the many instances of hurting others with aggression and eventually her karma returns.
  • (3) Sotong(Word) ( February 2014) -“Sotong” is a non-verbal film. The film is a black comedy genre, made for the deaf. The most difficult part was to concisely deliver my messages without dialogues, but rather through facial expressions, sign language and body movements. It is an open-ended film for the purposes of the director. It took much time, as long as four months, to study the difficulties and daily challenges of the deaf and I interacted with them everyday to learn the sign language. There was no end to the time requirement I had to spend with them as it can be a very sensitive and sometimes difficult an issue adequately playing the role of a deaf person, and therefore the analysis had to be spot-on. The film was recognized for its performance and quality and featured in a prestigious film festival to receive a popularity reward.
  • (4) After.. ( December 2012) – The film, is a time-travelling story between the past and present, telling stories of farewells and deaths. Four couples present the challenges of their relationships and the film showcases the sorrows in each.I took part in one of the couples, in a triangle-relationship, and expressed the development and changing of emotions between the three players, sometimes including many odd behaviors. The script itself is very provocative one and there was much effort in portraying the emotions that follow the concepts of love and death. Because it involves very sensitive and delicate matters, it took much time and effort in the making, and in the end the product was successful.
  • (5) The life of Korean ( April 2014) -Many, if not most, Koreans are likely dissatisfied with their conditions of life. It is believed that this phenomenon comes from people being too self-conscious and insecure.Playing a normal office worker who lives a monotonous life, I tried presenting the case that the dissatisfaction should not at all be. The empathetic persuasion convinces the audience to realize that their lives are much too valuable to be wasted being afraid of other people’s thoughts and judgments and liberate them to self-loving lives.


Esperienze tv

  • (1) Reply 1994 ( October 2013~)
    In the famous television series, , I played a very bright and pure-minded high school student who is an avid fan for celebrities. Her color is very distinct, which made her acting less difficult, but I have always actively participated in the field to stay on top of studying the general atmosphere of the filming stage
    The setting of the series is in the past, and therefore I had prepared school uniforms of that time or other accessories such as old cell phones.
  • Her Myth ( August 2013~)

    Korean television series are broadcasted world-wide and generate global fans, at an ever more accelerating pace. is one that also saw a huge success.
    I was one of the many firm employees, and always a kept a positive attitude. For me, being on time was being late. In the environment of shooting so many repeated shots, for one simple scene, I always gave my best to present the sincerest performance.


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